Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon for 2013

A Bed Bath and Beyond coupon is one of the most sought after coupons on the internet today. This is because the company offers a very attractive discount on its products. The most popular savings being their 20% off a single item coupon.

This coupons will give you 20% off one item in your shopping bag. A lot of shoppers heard to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy all the items they need for their home. The retailer stocks a wide variety of items for DIY projects, home remodeling projects, kitchen and home appliances, bedroom and bathroom accessories.

You do not have to pay full price for the items you buy from this retailer. With the internet, you will be able to find a wide variety of coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bed Bath and Beyond issues a variety of coupons and in a variety of ways. The most popular and most sought after of these coupons is their 20 off printable coupons. There is also the mobile coupon that was introduced in 2012. They also issue other types of coupons but these are not popular and are rare to find.

How do you get a Bed bath and Beyond Coupon?

There are several ways one can get their hands on these coupons. Below are a couple of ways to go about it.

  • he most popular way of getting one is to sign up for their email newsletter. To do so, you will have to go to their website at and enter your email and details such as mailing address and phone number. They don’t do an address match check so you can enter any details you like but I strongly recommend you enter your real details. After completing and submitting the form, you should watch your email inbox for an email from them. The email will have a subject similar to this “Welcome (your name)! Here’s your 20% off in-store savings certificate”. Bed Bath and Beyond refers to this coupons as savings certificate. Right next to the company logo in the email, you will see a message asking you to print your 20% off in-store coupon.
  • Sometimes the company will send you coupons through regular mail. That is why it is important to use your real details when signing up.
  • You can buy this 20 off coupon from eBay. Yes some people sell them on eBay and you can snatch one up for about $1.
  • Look out for magazine inserts. Sometimes these can contain coupons as well.

Expired Bed bath and beyond Coupons Policy

Sometimes for some reason you are unable to redeem a coupon before the expiry date. So does that mean you cannot use it anymore? The short answer here is that it possible for you to redeem expired certificates. Here is the long answer. I am not 100% sure about this but I have been told by people connected to the retailer the following. Most BB&B stores will accept expired coupons. However there a few that will not accept them. Basically it is a decision that is up to each store. So the best option for you will be to call the store you want to visit and find out about their policy for expired coupons.

Bed Bath and beyond coupon 2013 samples

DO NOT Print! Sample ONLY. Store will not honor this coupon if printed

I have also been told that the policy varies depending on whether you have the printable email savings certificate or a snail mail coupon. I have been told they do not accept expired printable coupons but will only accept expired snail mail ones. Again call the store you want to visit to find out what their policy is before going to the store.

Bed Bath and Beyond and competitors coupons

So do they accept coupons from other stores? The answer is yes. But they don’t take coupons from just any other store. This is what they have to say with regards to competitors.

  • The competitor must be a retailer that stocks the same items as BB&B. So you can’t present a Papa Johns coupon to redeem at BB&B. The competitor must have the same item you want to redeem the coupon for at Bed Bath & Beyond. A coupon from linens-n-things will be acceptable.
  • You can only redeem it if both stores carry the same item.
  • The competitor coupon must not be expired.
  • You cannot combine it with any other coupons. There are other restrictions with regards to brands. For more clarification, call them on 1-800-GO-BEYOND.

Coupon Use Policy?

So how do you use these printable coupons and what are the restrictions attached to them?

  • The 20 off printable coupon can only be redeemed for a single item in your shopping cart.
  • It can only be used in-store and cannot be redeemed online.
  • You can only use one coupon per shopping trip.
  • It is a one-time use coupon. You can’t print multiple copies and use them. Although some people have claimed to have been able to do this, I doubt it. There is one trick you can use though. If you manage to get hold of multiple coupons, you can go shopping with friends or family. Split the items into multiple carts and have each person use a coupon. That way you can apply multiple coupons on one shopping trip.

So as we see better economic times in 2013, that doesn’t mean one should not take advantage of any savings available to them. Grab a bed bath and beyond coupon anytime you go shopping at the retailer and make huge savings each and every time.